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So once again I am writing a review for the same issue I have every month for 5 months now. I pay my payment 2 weeks in advance and still on the 5th of every month I have to call ADP to have them get my plan updated so I can get my husbands meds!! EVERY MONTH. I call, complain, send emails....and nothing gets fixed, even though I am told every month that it is now fixed!! I request to speak to a manager/supervisor and they take my... Read more

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This has been the third week in a row I have called to access my payroll account! I call customer service and they tell me that the system is being updated and should try again later! Three weeks! Have asked to speak with a manager, but they all seem to be busy and the agents tells me to call back! Did I mention these are payroll checks???!!! Cannot transfer the money either - because the system is down! This will not do - will be continue to... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Oct 05
  • #931377

Adp is disrespectlfull of there customers thay should go out of business

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we got a letter from adp needing documentation on services;several actually;i faxed the paper work to them that was requested; now over a month later i get another letter card going to be suspended for not sending in info;i call them today & explained to them one they claim they didn't get i have proof i sent;well she ask for it to be resent..i did she was so rude;raised her voice at me; it seems to be a hassle with this all the time; i... Read more

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This is the worst company. I pay my cobra 2 weeks early every month, and every month when we go to get our meds we are told that our prescription plan has denied us because we have not paid our premium! I even spoke with a supervisor and was told that this would not happen again. Well it did. What a crappy company and the service is as well. You make a call and they keep you on hold for 8-10 minutes just to speak with someone. But if you miss... Read more

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Worst customer service ever. Their "aline" card is a horrible way to receive a paycheck. The web site is only semi-functional, and their "customer service" personnel don't know *** and speak partly understandable English. I HATE ADP! The web site logs me off when I click on one of their internal links, won't go to the page selected, and basically sucks. I've tried three different browsers on two different computers (one Windows, one Mac) with... Read more

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As of August 16th, 2016 and onwards...I have not been able to access ADP Aline Card to check my account and money. When I tried to access my account, it said my account was under review and I had to call them. So I did, and when I did contact them, I was given the option to type in my card to verify it existed, so I did and it said my card and account was closed. I tried to contact a representative and when I presented this problem, they acted... Read more

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Their website sucks! They take forever to answer your emails. When you call it takes forever to talk with someone and then they don't do anything anyway. I am waiting for 3 months health insurance premium reimbursements of almost 1300.00 (two which were sent in months ago) and still have not received anything! What??? Do they just lose your paperwork??? Also they say you can upload claims online and I have tried numerous browsers to view... Read more

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My child's fathers company recently switched over to ADP and they have been holding up my child support payments. I have not received 3 payments total. My child will be starting school in 2 weeks and I still have not received a payment. Of course they have taken these payments out of his check but has it gotten to me NO. The child support agency in my city has reached out to ADP and they claim it may take 4-6 weeks before they get everything... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Jul 29
  • #891245

I should of let my grand kids take care of my check they would have done a better job and their 3 yrs and 18 months old

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