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Back in 2009, i signed up for ADP's FlexDirect spending account at my employer. Everything seem to go well then I received my first demand for a receipt for the co-pay from my primary care physician's office! How much effort would it take for these people to actually call themto get the receipt themselves? Hardly any - but that is part of their game. You see, they continue to ask for receipts from well known sources and make NO EFFORT to validate the charge themselves. This is how they make their money. They will do nothing to validate anything and you must get the receipt (often months after the fact) and it absolutely must be faxed to their fax number, on their specific form EXACTLY how they say. They will make absolutely no effort to check if the charge is valid according to the IRS and have setup specific, time consuming, detailed, and difficult road blocks to not pay the bill with YOUR MONEY. That way, they get to keep YOUR MONEY!!

Save yourself the grief, the heartache, the pain in rear, the difficulty with talking to someone with a thick indian accent (that's right, another American company outsourcing their customer service).

I completed spending my account money in April of 2010. They sent me a request for a receipt in September 2010 for a hospital bill! How much more eligible can you get? You can't! The other bill receipt request was from Quest Diagnostics - this is the worlds largest medical laboratory. No lie! The WORLDS! They kicked it back because their credit card machine was programmed properly (properly as defined by ADP). Speaking of ADP, you know, the company that loses payrolls, doesn't pay hundreds of people oon payday? That's right, they put the KW in Quality.

So what has happened to my account? Well, back in September, I had had enough, and I told them in an email, to look up the information themselves. I didn't hear anything from them and I thought the issue was resolved (they don't acknowledge when it IS resolved anyway). I thought, maybe they got their stuff together and all was well. In December, 2010, I signed up for another year. I went to pick up my prescriptions form the pharmacy, and my flex spending visa was denied. When I contacted them (as we always must do when there is an problem), they informed me I was required to - you guessed it, submit a copy of the receipts from the charges back in April 2010! On their specific forms, to their specific Fax number as this is the ONLY way they accept the receipts. So I spent hours, digging through all my online accounts, printing out all my wife and I's doctor visits, pharmacy purchases. I printed out $800 wrth of transactions and submitted it on their forms and Faxed. Called today - guess what, denied because there was 2011 receipts on the pages of receipts anf the indian told me they couldn't accept that - it was mandatory.

I can't say it loud enough, more often enough, or with more meaning, they WILL get your money. That's how they survive. Run away from these guys, it just isn't worth the heartache, grief and especially the TIME spent trying to please these .....

Reason of review: Process is a scam.

Monetary Loss: $45.

I didn't like: Extra hurdles, Unnecessary forms, Lack of effort.

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Same issue I am facing too. I had to submit receipts multiple and still it is asking for submitting the receipts.

really pissed off with this ADP. I am never going to opt it again.

Also I still have too much money left and my grace period is ending on 15th and I cant use the card any more. Never use it again.


Had a similar experience this year with FSA on ADP. They are the worse. DON'T USE ADP, they rob you of your money.


DO NOT USE ADP FSA! ADP has refused to accept all charges in the last two weeks.

Upon 2-30 minute calls to ADP (they refuse to speak w spouse) they inform us that they sent out new cards and deactivated ours first. Still waiting on cards while nearly $1000 is in our account near end of year.

We're also constantly dealing with documentation issues. Please DO NOT use ADP.


Definitely a company to avoid if at all possible, you assume by paying into a FSA that your money will be there for you in your time of need, NOT !!!!, Some how I feel that their shady practices warrant a class action lawsuit, not to mention criminal charges being filed against these SCAMMERS

Englewood, Colorado, United States #959827

Substantiation of debit card transactions is an IRS requirement. All FSA administrators require itemized receipts, not just ADP.

Here's a link to the IRS Bulletin: http://www.irs.gov/irb/2006-31_IRB/ar10.html. Using the EOB from your insurance company is one easy way to provide your FSA the itemized information they need to approve your claim reimbursement.

to HR Professional Pasco, Washington, United States #1015862

That is BS. I have been using flex spending account for years and until I met ADP have never had any of this *** OK having to substantiate a dentist bill or a doctors bill. ADP sucks and as soon as this year is up I will never use them again too much of a effing headache!!

Astoria, New York, United States #928120

Super pissed off at ADP flex spending transit account. I submitted multiple claims to get the difference in my contribution back once I gave my 2 weeks to my company. I have been trying to obtain my balance for 3 months and they are giving me the run around


I have a $25 copay receipt from Oaktree Medical Center, Easley, SC, which I have filed again and again with ADP Flex. It is for my physical checkup 12/5/2013.

ADP is playing these games "IRS regulations" etc... excuses.

For every spediture you have to provide copies of your receipts.


They want to wear you down, and keep your money.

My case number with their call center ("Jane" in India) is

2-6012924082. I have demanded the customer survey to be emailed me, but nothing has shown up in my emails yet.


WOW same problem we are having!! The crazy thing is, the receipts they're requesting are from a hospital and a dentist.

I was told we need to submit $978 in order for our ADP Debit card to be reactivated for 2012 receipts ( that were already submitted). I'm in disbelief that we have submitted receipts and they're saying we didn't. Also you can clearly see this is from a DR and a Dentist What more proof do they need!! It's sickening!!!

This is our MONEY!! So our card has been deactivated and we now submit receipts for disbursement.

Well it takes 6-8 weeks for reimbursement!! I recommend NO ONE sign up for Flex Spending Accounts

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #661763

I'm having the same problem with these people. I will never do this again I'm paying out of my pay and paying them too.


I hope every one who is thinking of signing with them DOES NOT.

Los Angeles, California, United States #649633

Has anyone filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau? I say we flood ADP with hundreds of formal complaints so they have to waste time filling out *** documentation on ***.

I ageree with everyone on this post. ADP is the biggest *** scam since Enron. They absolutely make it inconvenient and difficult to access your own money so that we get frustrated and not submit for reimbursement at all.

Today is Mother's Day and I just got not fired by Adp that that re deactivating my card for the rest of the year because the last receipt i filed was not eligible. It was for $7 for a *** blood test that my doctor did for diabetes. Obviously something was filled out wrong because why wouldn't my blood test be covered by FSA? And deactivating my card for the remainder of the year is a bit too much. I have over $2100 left in the account because I have a major medical procedure that I have to do over the summer. Who the *** has an extra $2100 laying around to ay up front and then submit a claim to get reimbursed my $2100 from my account?

No ne - this is how they're policies and practices are purposefully designed to frustrate, and make customers not file claims at all.

People, file online complaints against them on BBB and force them to respond to all of your BBB cases. It would help to also blast them on social media and get it n the news somehow. They won't change unless the public paints them in a negative light.


The original post is 100% correct... These people know one thing and one thing only, how to scam!


First, they claim you've made a payment that you didn't actually make, then they fail to notify you that it requires substantiation, then they fail to list it on their website as a payment you need to substantiate, then THEY DEACTIVATE YOUR CARD so you can't access your own thousands of $ that they are holding.

Don't ever use this service!! I had horrible problems with them several years ago, and our HR people said they'd improved.

So I signed up again -- bad mistake.

They are even worse now. They don't get back to you, their agents don't speak comprehensible English, they have limited calling hours, and they act incapable of fixing the problems they cause.


ADP keeps asking me to provide documenation from prescriptions ordered through ESCRIPTS. I explained to them, "Don't you know ESCRIPTS is a major mail order prescription drug company?" That's ridiculous. I can understand if they ask for a receipt from my eye-doctor, but ESCRIPTS, c'mon.


I'm out of the system (ADP) and could not be happier! The company I work does something similiar when we travel - we spend money out of pocket only to need to justify it when I return.

I KNOW it's an IRS requirement but it is only a requirement for the company benefit and so is my personal loan to the company.

I will never loan my money again. Anyway, i wish you all the best and I appreciate the support!


We had a different Flex fund last year and the company my husband works for switched to Flex Direct - ADP. They are horrible.

My youngest daughter is disabled and has a service dog. They asked for no documentation about "dog food" and paid it without a problem as they should have for a service animal. I also submit my dependend care receipts under medical because my daughter is disabled (and according to IRS regulation 502) that is OK and spelled out clearly.

So I submitted three dependent care claims and they paid them. Then I submitted 2 more dependent care claims and they have been denied over and over. Before we signed with this new Flex fund we asked about dependent care for our daughter - and were told exactly what the IRS regulations state - that if you have child that is disabled, you can deduct (or use flexible spending) under either (dependent or medical). Now these idiots are withholding over $1000 of our money because they want a letter of medical necessity -- for what - child care!!!! We depend on this money as my daughter has a lot of special needs. According to what I have read on the IRS website - it is illegal to withhold our money for legitimate expenses. They pay for dog food but not dependent care -- you can't have a service animal unless you have an ADA recognized disability - so they know she is disabled.

These people are ignorant and rude.


To all those talking about the need for receipts. The entire system has been computerized by law since 2008.

ADP gets all the data they need immediately when you swipe your card. The only thing that the paper copy gives them is plausible deniability.

Remember - any money left over in your account goes into their pockets; so any roadblocks they can throw in your way just increases their profits.


ADP site is sooooo bad - worst website design, functionality etc. This is a major company? It was coded in some cave somewhere. Absolutely no concern for the user.

As for the irs requirements - trust me - they go beyond what is really required. I've had 3 different flex spending providers and these guys and conexis are so horrible its not even funny.

Everything is so obviously skewed to make things convenient for ADP. Wonder how much they make off of all our money by holding it hostage!!!


ADP's service sucks. I have spent over 2 hours talking to them in 2 days.

The call dropped 2 times after 30 minutes so I had to call back and start all over with a new agent.

This is completely unacceptable from a vendor that is charging to provide a service. They blame IRS for everything but the fact is they are providing a *** service.


I think ADP and the company offering the program are incahoots.....agreeing to split the money left over....Deny, deny, deny.....that's the game.....

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