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Unless you want to deal with the most frustration you've ever had in your life... NEVER EVER sign up for the ADP Flexible Spending Program.

This is a benefit plan often offered to employees by their employers. It provides automatic tax deferred deductions to be taken out of your pay for out-of-pocket medical expenses. ADP is extremely strict about members providing the (* REQUIRED) itemized receipts to substanaciate every penny you've spend (of your own money). That's not the problem-the problem is the methods in which your supposed to provide this information.

They want to receive this documentation by fax. But mysteriously, they never receive them. I sent them my 'substanciation forms and receipts' over 6 different times. Never received.

I'd call after I faxed and they won't confirm whether or not they were received. I had $2,000. deducted from my pay in 2007 and had $1,969 worth of medical expenses that they currently denying. They tell me that I actually owe (ADP) reimbursement for $1,969.

because they already paid the claims. Regardless that it's MY money. They blame it on the rules of the IRS. Never taking responsibility of their own administrative incompentency.

I've mailed them the required forms and copies of all my faxed transmission confirmations and they still refuse to confirm they received them. I mailed them Certified-Priority Mail. I'm blown away on how this huge company is getting away with ripping off employees for their hard earned wages. And how many corporations use them.

Any suggestions would be sincerely appreciated.

Monetary Loss: $4500.

Location: Kansas City, Missouri

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I signed up for this service thinking that it would make my life more convenient, but it has not. Unless you plan on spending big money each year for medical services, do not under any circumstance use this service.


Update: SO after being hung up twice, I was finally able to speak to someone about this account. From what I was told that YES the platform was successfully changed HOWEVER they refused to give me any information on the account because although my name is on the account and I have spoken to them in the past I am not the account holder (mind you 5yrs with this same company) I have previously filled out a HIPA document before.

Which by the way I had previously filled out.. regardless they refused to answer any questions even though I had every single bit of information including SS# Birthday Flex ID# Employee# address and everything else in between.

Come to find out that there is a entirely different website, new cards will be issued and new claims form which NONE OF THIS INFORMATION was ever given to us! then to find out that our account which was reopened on July 4th 2014 was closed on Dec 28th 2014 and that the money sitting in there was forfeited!!


I have never had so many issues with this company, I am one pissed off customer! I was never informed that I was not going to be able to use my flex spending account and on New Years Eve I went to the doctor and my card was declined, I knew how much money I had in the account so I called and was told per Yonni that they were under going some kind of platform change with their servers (It does not take 2 weeks) and that I would not be able to use my card until Jan 14th 2015.

I explained my situation, I am ill and I was relying on this account to be used to pay for my medical and my medications. I was told that I would be receiving a phone call and to be patient because it was New Years Eve and that he would call back or email me. I had to pick up $140 in medication that I needed and so I had to borrow to pick up. I called the following week since I received no call back and no email and spoke to Lily who told me there was nothing I could do until January 14th 2015 .

So today is January 14th 2015 and I went to try and use my card and it was declined and the screen literally said use another form of payment. I went home to log into the website and all the claim reimbursement links are gone, the update information is wrong.. I tried calling and I was hung up on!. I have doctors appointments set up all next week in which I was hoping to use my flex spending account (which is why my husband and I were signed up for) but I am unable to.

I have no idea what is going on with this company. I am sitting here with all these receipts and no way to download a form.


I have had a FLEX account for many years and never experienced any reimbursement problem with all of the companies except ADP. ADP starts to administer my FLEX Account in 2014 and is a terrible company to deal with.

First of all, they do not answer a call during the weekend. when I made a call, it took a long time to get a representative. They do not know what they were doing and simply read the lines of pre-prepared reasons and could not explain why. I spent more than 3 hours and spoke to 4 representatives, 2 in India and 2 in USA for my first experience with ADP.

I submitted a receipt from Walmart for reimbursing the Dr. Shoes inserts. APD rejected my claim and asked me to have Dr's prescription. ADP online store lists this item that does not require a medical necessity letter.

When i asked for the reason why i need to submit the extra document, they told me if i purchase the DS insert from their store, there is no need of such a letter. That is a total BS!!!

After i spoke to the fourth person, he agreed with me that there should be no need of any medical necessity letter for the DS inserts and will reimburse my claim. After more than a week, nothing has happened yet after online check today. i am not sure if they will reimburse me for the DS inserts.

I am very disappointed with ADP.

I wound never use ADP or products again if i had a choice. I have never had such bad experience with any services companies.


ADP does not want anything to do with me other than my a part of my pay check every week.

Cancel tomorrow. Thank You for nothing ADP.


I totally agree with you about problems with adminstrators of FSA. They act like the Gestapo and threaten u at very turn.

I will never use it again due to over reaching demands of 100% auditing rate with over zealous idiots working in their depts. it is up to the consumer, not the *** admin, to know what the rules r. I feel like we r treated like little kids needing to be told where and how to go the bathroom. I HATE this.

I used to use them religiously bec they were easy and I kept all receipts but now standard receipts from offices won't fly and u end up wasting untold time and energy trying to get them the RIGHT reveipt.

Never again! Now worth the frustration


FSAs are all like this. I wonder if there's any way we can sue them.

We are customers. It their job to contact medical provider to find receipt and proof.


Well, you can write Congress after all, they are the author of an FSA. And just to let you know, requiring a RX for over the counter drugs to be eligible, you can thank the Affordable Care Act.

If you read the IRS codes governing the FSA's, you will find you are the one to justify the expense, not the admin. They are required to confirm.

Oh, yes and that non taxable income, reduced to $2500.00 when it used to be how much your employer wanted to risk. Their risk factor was limited by their imagination alone prior to the above mentioned act. Yes, when an employer offers an FSA, they too risk forfeiture.

They fund the plans from day 1 of benefit regardless if you contribute $.01.

and if you spend $2500.00 it was your benefit; company loss, they cannot legally come after you.

FYI, you are not a customer to ANY FSA admin. You are a Participant in a Spending Arrangement.


I did not realize this page was specifically about ADP FSA plans. I was thinking I was posting in regards to FSA's in general.


I have had numerous issues with ADP. I currently have lost over $500 from last year's Flex account as a result of ADP not notifying me properly on decisions they made numerous times on the same issue.

The procedure was completed in the time period required by our agreement and they did not want to pay. I am sickened by their incompetence and intend to follow this through even if it means going to court. I have been in a Flex Spending account for a number of years with other companies I worked with without issues. This will be my last year I participate if the company I work for stays with ADP.

As a side note I am not the only one in the company having issue.


I agree with all the frustrated consumers out there like me. Simply put, ADP and their 'required' processes do not measure up to today's standards.

It irks me to no end that there is so much red tape involved to access funds that I work hard for, and set aside for medical purposes. I work in the electronic payments industry, so I know exactly what's encoded in the electronic transaction when an FSA Prepaid Card is swiped. For those of you who don't know, the FSA card that I use to pay my daughters' orthodontics bill of $500, for example, has EVERYTHING coded on the electronic payment (including merchant name, SEC Code (Healthcare), type of business, phone numbers, payment amount, merchant terminal ID, etc.)... which means that ADP already HAS this information.

And yet, I am REQUIRED to complete a 'substantiation form' to write down the exact same information included in the electronic payment, along with another paper document from the Orthodontics office...then, FAX it to ADP (yes, that great 80's technology), only for ADP to reject it for whatever 'reject-of-the-day' reason they conjure up.

The whole process is a complete waste of time and energy.

While other companies embrace innovation, reduce manual paper-based process, and focus on positive customer experiences, ADP seems to embrace the opposite, which is particularly ironic considering ADP stands for 'Automatic Data Processing'.


Count me as another frustrated (former) ADP customer. My wife has a note from her doctor saying she needs massage therapy as part of her physical therapy.

We have submitted her doctor's note to ADP along with co-pay receipts for the doctor and massage place. Each time we submit the co-pay receipts from the massage therapy office, ADP denies them saying something along the lines of "submitted substantiation documentation is inadequate." The message is vague and you have to call ADP to find out exactly what they need, lest you perpetually re-submit documentation only to have it rejected with an undescriptive error message.

Getting legitimate expenses reimbursed through ADP is a nightmare!

I would rather pay for medical expenses out of pocket than deal with ADP again. I am so glad my new employer doesn't use ADP.


Not worth it! They find a way to not pay your claims and keep the money you set aside for medical bills. Fraudulent company.


Now it seems that they are out-sourcing the process of checking receipts and they are even more not getting approved or flatly getting ignored. I have faxed the receipts in as well as scanned the receipts into their website and they say they have not received them.

I called them and spent closed to an hour going over the receipts that I scanned to them and is still sitting in my account online on their webpage yet still being ignored.

After speaking with a manager they finally admitted their mistake but a month later I started getting emails about the same receipt again. Their method is totally out of order and needs to be shown for what it is.


I'm new to this adp flex card with my job I don't reallt like it cause I wear contacts an I hd to order some new one an now it's pending cause they have to get my dr. to sign off on it really An yall taken the money out my account so why cant I get my contacts for me to see with I hate them so much this is a bunch of *** these people suck don't ever get them run away .

:( :( :? :( :? :? :?


:eek :eek :cry :cry :sigh :? :(


Deemed ineligible. Cervix exam before hysterectomy.

I guess these guys are brilliant doctors that can tell there is no need to look examine something that is going to be taken out anyway.

They even knew more about medical necessity than Anthem insurance whom already paid the claim. This is the last year these *** get my money!


My husbands employer switched to ADP from Conexis and it has taken three months to get a debit card and like above they will not approve any purchases with out a doctors perscription. I am so confused I scheduled to have crowns on my teeth and now I am afraid I will have to pay upfront and wait for ADP to approve the service I don't have $1,000 to pay the dentist if they don't allow the debit card swipe. An which dr needs to write a persciption to get the crowns??



All the people complaining about ADP,

1.Did u know that ADP never keeps a single penny of any participant.they have access to your employer's bank account and they take out only that amount which is required to pay the participants claims.And incase if there is any unused funds left on the account it is forfeited by the employer and not ADP.If anyone doubts this they can call customer service and enquire about this.i have been using Flexible spending accounts with ADP and never had a problem.


This is our second year dealing with ADP incompetence and at this point I doubt we will go for a third. Every single one of my chiropractic payments requires substantiation if I have used the FSA card.

Purchases at Walgeens with the FSA are automatically approved, but a purchase out of pocket with a claim filed bounces back with a "must provide medical necessity" even when the "FSA approved" note on the receipt. This has nothing to do with IRS regulations, as the IRS regs clearly state that the purchase is approved.

Are there any other providers out there for ADP to compete with? Do they do a better job?



"I think its funny how all of you are mad at ADP...

I suppose you think it's some sort of :eek coincidence :eek that the US govt. created a set of rules that are so easy for a Fortune 500 company to exploit?

Their service center is in India, so it costs them pennies on the dollar to put roadblocks in your way. If they are successful in blocking your claim, they pocket your money.

Do the math.

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