I was recently employed by Party City. The management never sat down with me to help me set up my ADP Self Service Portal.

Today I went up there and asked to set it up. The manager handed me a packet that said how to set up and login to my account. When I went home to my computer, the first thing I did was click on "Create Account" and I was taken to the registration code page. I put in pcr-1234, exactly like the packet said, and I got an error stating that "your entry is not a recognized entry code." It's too late in the day, so I can't call administration.

Does anyone know how to fix this issue? I would like to have my account set up before I go into work tomorrow but I don't know who to turn to for assistance.

The managers at my particular Party City are nice, but not very helpful. Please help me, I would like to resolve this issue soon.

Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

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Are all managers like that? I worked at a Halloween City pop-up store and the managers there never seemed to know what was going on.

I thought it was just because it was a temporary store but reading these comments it sounds like my managers weren't the only ones like that in this company. I'm trying to get on ADP to get my W-2 but I have no idea who to even contact to get any information.


This may be a bit late, but I was having the same issue as well. My managers were no help, as they were also confused as to why "pcr-1234" was not working.

After contacting party city payroll help through email, I was informed that the ADP registration code changes each month, and that the managers SHOULD know how to access it. Because of security reasons they were not allowed to email the code to me, but said I could call to get it. I tried calling but it went to the answering machine, in which I left a message asking to call me back with the registration code.

I (being impatient because I have been employed since last Halloween, was promoted to Team Lead a few months later, and was not even told about ADP until recently) went looking through the files on the office computer to try to find out where this code is.

I came across a PDF named "My Party Portal Registration, Login and Overview QRG." I'm pretty positive that my managers, as well as yours and everyone else's who is having this same issue, did not even glance at this.

In the PDF it reads:

When hiring a new Assiciate, Managers must log into Party School to obtain the PC Registration Code.

Select your "Management Role" -Store Management, Supervisor, etc. Next, view your Announcements on "My Dashboard" -Code changes monthly Click "My Party Registration Code" to retrieve Code It's that simple. Too bad I am not registered as a Manager or Supervisor on Party School. I have to wait until I either get a call back for payroll help, or I teach my managers how to retrieve it.

Again, I know this is a month late, but I hope it helps. Maybe you can teach your managers too.


Did you ever figure it out ? I have the same problem but my manager won't help, he keeps telling me that's the code and I show him it doesn't work then he ignores me and goes back to his zone.


I think the registration codes are case sensitive. I had the same problem. Hope you get in

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