They took a whole check after receiving papers that state they are to take $100.00 a month. and had been only taking the $100.00 a month then all of a sudden they took a whole check, the state law makes what they did very illegal.

And I got well you have to call the unemployment, I asked them why when they are the ones that take the money out and this is their mistake and they said cause you have too.

I told them they have the paperwork that states $100.00 a month so why do i need to call them this is something you all did not unemployment. no response to that.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

ADP Cons: Nothing about them.

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Once I googled ADP and on Twitter many of you clowns were bragging about some convention in Miami, I believe. Like you guys were unaware that none of your customers were happy.

Not a clue!

Therefore I believe it is all intention that it is very screwed up because like the government you can’t be fired. So it is easy to figure out- you are a useless government agency that just steals people’s money and helps socialism come to fruition against our will.


It is funny how you people have forced everyone into your “service” when it appears you are using unlawful tactics to not only monitor but control a citizens income. Most definitely you are a shadow IRS run agency.

Therefore circumventing all laws to invade people’s earnings to take possession of their money without rule to apply law. Criminal but possible. Usually the government uses antonyms to do exactly the opposite of what the appear to be. “SocialCare Team” means using socialistic tactics you garnish someone’s money and pretend like you are helping them.

When you are doing exactly what they fear-taking money by force.

Or better yet, stealing without repercussions. Soon it will be revealed who and what you people really do.


Hello,On behalf of ADP, we're sorry to hear of these challenges.I would be happy to have a specialist from ADP's Garnishment Services group to contact you to review the situation and see if there are opportunities for improvement.Please e-mail your name, contact information and the legal name of your company (employer) to ADP_social_support@adp.com and we would be happy to arrange this for you.Kind regards,RickADP - Client Experience

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