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The practices within the company are inefficient and ineffective. They do not read legal documents sent to them for services they provide.

When attempting to rectify the situation ADP refuses to accept responsibility for the consequences of their actions.

Washington state recently changed their minimum wage, ergo the minimum exempt amounts for consumer debt based wage garnishments increased. Several letters, and I mean over 100 letters, were sent in regards to this change. Were any of their forms changed to reflect this? No.

Several calls, several e-mails, and even several more letter copies were provided and yet there is no change.

Other cases involve issuing documents that were PARTIAL releases, the company decided to not read any of these documents and treat them as whole releases - our company was entitled to those funds held prior to the dates clearly outlined in the legal documents sent. How did ADP react to this?

Playing dumb and stating there is nothing they can do in regards to this, then dragging their feet when actual culpability is demanded.

The phone representatives are also unaware of how anything is processed, often "forget" to notate phone conversations, and even more often "forgot" to submit requests for documents and amendments on documents. I have been told several times that e-mails I have sent were opened, just nothing was actually done with them.

So no, I would not recommend any company use ADP for their services - unless they wanted a a judgment taken out against them for non compliance with legal processes.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Preferred solution: Apology.

ADP Cons: Literally everything they do.

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