When I call ADP there is no one to actually speak to. According to their message you have to have some sort of code number or you have to be an employee.

This person that was contacting me about a work from home job took the exact wording from ADP website about the job so I thought it was genuine. I wanted to tell them that this happened to me but I could never talk to a real person. Luckily I am only out of $14. The last thing to buy was some checks from Amazon and they were over $100.

I was going to get them as soon as I had the money and when I told him that he said no problem . Then I got suspicious when I would ask questions and he would never answer he would just text me no problem so I sent him a message asking why that was his response every single time and got no response. Then he would text me early in the morning and ask how I was doing today and was I going to order checks. I texted him back within 30 seconds or less that I needed him to call me and he said he was in a meeting.

I just well that was fast and said you just texted me. So I said I wasnt going to spend any more of my money until I spoke to him and I expected to hear from him that day. He said ok.

Of course I never heard from him and he stopped texting me so I knew I was be scammed. I honestly just wanted to let them know what had happened so they would at least be aware and ask them about the job they had posted on their website but could never speak to anyone.

User's recommendation: You will not be able to speak to anyone unless maybe you are considering their payroll services. I would not recommend calling at all.

Location: Morganton, North Carolina

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