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I am a Controller of the small company that has been using this service for over 18 years. Lately it has become unprofessional and unmanageable.

Last year I was sent an invoice for some amount that I did not recognize. When i called and inquired about it, I found out that it was a penalty fro one of jurisdictions where returns were not filed on time. They had a nerve to bill interest to my account. It was straightened out after conversation with a supervisor.

Late last year m account was levied by another taxing agency that claimed that returns were not filed dating back to 2014. I sent these notices to ADP, has yet to hear back, but called the agency myself to stop charges on my account. This January after receiving W2 form and distributing them to the employees, one of them notified me that his form was incorrect. After reviewing it and all other forms, I discovered that two others were incorrect.

I called ADP on January 25th and notified them of the mistake and asked for the amendments to be filed and for new forms to be issued. I have called two weeks later to find out that nothing have been done. I was assured that amendments would be filed and new forms issued. I received new forms but they were not corrected.

Every time I call I have to listed to the same lies ( I have done payroll and filed all the reports at my previous jobs, I know when they lie) from different people. When asked to speak to the supervisor, I have a feeling I am speaking to the client services representative.

I really want to switch to another service at this point, but first I need to resolve this mess. PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM ADP.

Product or Service Mentioned: Adp Account.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Hello Anonymous,The situation as you have described it is concerning and I would like to bring it to the attention of the Senior Leadership Team of your ADP Service Center for awareness and to see if they can help resolve current issues and avoid similar challenges in the future.In order to do that, I will need more information from you. Please send an e-mail to ADP_social_support@adp.com and provide your full name, contact information, company legal name and ADP company code, so we may assist.Kind regards,RickADP - Client Experience

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