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My company overpaid a garnishment to ADP been waiting for 3 weeks now for ADP to give me my money that my comcpany sent over to me so I can get into a new place due to ADP screwing up my payroll and taking too much money out of my check...the reason I need to get into a new place.....my rent was late because of this and I have been issued an eviction...thanks ADP for screwing with peoples lives obviously u don't care about the people that have to live pay check to pay check. I hope Karma visits you people soon.

Location: Everett, Washington

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I reread it... while I stick by my comment of JB's response not being mature, it wasn't ADP's fault.

This site won't let me delete my previous comment. The company was at fault in that case and should have compensated their employee back to make good on their failed promise of providing the correct amount of pay for the service that they were provided from the employee.


Wow JB, really mature there. What it comes down to is that ADP made a mistake.

They should absolutely be held liable for it. It should be a matter of ADP making good on the lost funds, and it's up to them to retrieve it from whatever agency to make up for their mistake after they have paid back the employee that they have abused.


Garnishments go to a garnishment agency.. it's probably not even in ADP's hands anymore you ***. You need to follow up with child support or whatever agency it was going to.


adp is the garnishment company they handle the garnishment they take the money through payroll payroll is Adp.I myself have had the same problem for the last 6 months.I will be posting my complaint publicly here showing showing documentation

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