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Wage garnishment in the state of Texas is illegal, unless its for back taxes, child or spouse support or student loans. Well, ADP processed a wage garnishment against me that was for something other than what is allowed.

When I called about the garnishment, ADP told me they would check with my employer, they then called me back and said that my employer said it was legal because they have offices in many states and they in NO SUCH LAW. Well, I'm here to say that is untrue, ADP doesn't check laws before doing such things, which in turn makes a liability for the company that employed them to "help". The call center supervisor decided to tell me what the laws are in my state, not even knowing what state I was in, he was saying in Ohio, I am in TEXAS, can you listen? This is a horrible company, we employ them to do our taxes, w-2's and paycards.

All of which are horrible. This company should have to take responsibility for its OWN actions, creating lawsuits galore for employess of the companies who use these services

Monetary Loss: $6100.

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