Bc my company went with your *** company for w2 service, I tried to create an account to get my *** w2 and you say I don't exist and i have no records. Im trying to create it *** I need my w2.

Period. Your company blows ***

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I think the subject line of this thread says it all.


They are easy to figure out- they must be an IRS subsidy which monitors your income. Because the only thing they need to tend to is basic payroll and W-2s.

Yet they get funding for doing nothing and are not competent. Garbage!!!


adp is the most user unfriendly program that ive ever seen. a real piece of ***


I am trying to get a W2 from ADP and all ADP can say is our site is down try again later. WIll the IRS accept Try again alter?


Why are there like 12 different ways to login? Talk about absurd.


ADP app constantly crashes. It’s not worth a damn.


It is absolute SHIT!!!!!! They are the A T & T of Payroll companies.

Provide you with enormous amounts of crap that can't help you do a thing!!!! Worst payroll company I have ever dealt with!


Hardly more than twice, will it retrieve my pay stub without requiring a password reset. It is garbage.

Yet if you google them, they are on Twitter bragging about their next convention or conference like nothing is wrong. That is why it stinks of government run *** Only they are incompetent and so are these people.

Probably shadowed by IRS to collect all your info. No doubt.


I have the same experience


Same problem here then I finally got into this stupid website & all my information is BLANK


What a total piece of *** the ADP web portal is. I can't believe there was someone that got paid to build this heaping pile of crap.

When you don't care about your customers employees this is what you get. Garbage!!!!!


This website sucks. I spend hours each time I try to log in. *** horrible


I figured out it is run by some federal program which means INCOMPETENT!!!


I totally agree with this guy. I hate their *** website so much.

Every year that I have to sign up for my health care on that stupid site wastes so much of my time just getting past the login screen.

I swear that I never change my password and yet it never works year after year and the only way to get into the site is to have my company administrator reset my password for me since it doesn't let you do it yourself. I hate it so much.


This is the second time that my pay check has not been sent to me... It's impossible to get in touch with that company via phone..

It very employee unfriendly..

It makes you feel like a second-class citizen.. I had to go through my own companies human resources to try and get a check reissued over a week later...This company is horrible!!


ADP does suck. You can’t talk to a real person, their phone system just hangs up on you. Haven’t gotten my paycheck and I know other people have had the same problem.


ADP is hot garbage. Tells me my password is bad.

so I change it, then it says the one I changed it to is wrong. ADP IS A HORRIBLE TERRIBLE COMPANY


Site does not take into account of hundreds of different password we are forcing to use these days, site policy on password is too strict to be useful.


I agree, this site is really bad, the password policy is completely retarded.


Why is it that I've had an asp card for a year and a half and it's been compromised 4 times I will be switching banks

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