Bc my company went with your *** company for w2 service, I tried to create an account to get my *** w2 and you say I don't exist and i have no records. Im trying to create it *** I need my w2.

Period. Your company blows ***

Reason of review: Work Experience or Job Application.

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Hello,I am sorry you experienced this situation. For confidentiality, ADP can only work directly with authorized client contacts and not directly with employees.

In this case your payroll or HR contact is your first point of contact to resolve log in questions or concerns. If the client needs further assistance, they can reach out to their Service Center for help. If you still need assistance and have already been in touch with your internal support areas, via PRIVATE message, please email social.care.escalations@adp.com and provide your company's name, your full name, and last four of your social security number.

We will have the account manager contact the client to assist you. Please reference my name in the title of your email.Thank you, Pauline/ADP Client Experience


When I read this msg all I can think of is a bunch of chimpanzees wearing microphone headphones copying and pasting , literally! It's obvious that consumers hate your system, you are trying to change us to the 1900s system, nowadays we call, we give you information about the account , you fix my issue.

I know .... you'll never get it. I'm just stuck with you because the company I work for forces me to use your chimp service, personally I will never ever even consider you !

Not even carwash my car or do my laundry. ENOUG SAID!


Yes, I agree with everything people have been saying. I believe companies switch to ADP to make it harder for heir employees to figure out what is going with their paycheck.


Pauline, you are not sorry. You work for a POS company but you tow the corporate line very well.

You should see a little sumn-sumn in your paycheck next week.

The website is a POS, the app is a POS and obviously no one cares. Not even you Pauline.

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